Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Little good things

Little good surprises are happening: yesterday met 2 girlfriends in town, one minute after I've thought about them, and they invited me to a yummy dinner. Later, I discovered a bunch of wonderful photos in my camera from the past week or so that I have forgot about, AND I could hardly believe this one: found my Hungarian SIM card I lost a couple of months ago! I have 3 phone numbers but only 2 phones I like to use, so I always had to change the tiny little cards and keep one of them in my purse, that's how I dropped it.

When I stepped out of the door this afternoon, I saw something red on the ground - and there was it, my SIM card with my Hungarian phone number! As the snow and all the winter rubbish is disappearing, it had a chance to surface. Yayyy!!! I can use it again, don't have to change my number or wait until I go to Hungary and can get a new one.

So, anyone of you who had my Hungarian number: it's alive!

Then I went to the internet café to print out something and got 10 extra pages, because the girl I asked to help me clicked too many times and it started to print immediately.
To top it off, I was even invited for a piece of cake, because the staff and a few friends were celebrating the new car of the owner... :-)) Lovely place. (The best net café in town, Firewall, Götgatan 88, if you guys in Stockholm wanna know)

Just wanted to tell ya :-) Hmmm... maybe it's just the spring and sun?

One of the photos that I got out from my camera:

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claude said...

A lucky day for you, Andrea !
Nice photo !