Monday, April 05, 2010

Stuck in Stockholm

Catching up a bit... I posted things in Andrea's Blog on my website but didn't put them here yet. So here is a recent one.

I love blogging... Just created another one... on the English news site for Sweden, The Local, and I named it Stuck in Stockholm. Often I would like to write more about my experiences than what my Stockholm photo blog would allow, and also, I guess it's the best to change viewpoints on my love & hate relationship with Sweden, with locals and expats living here. Sometimes to let out a little steam... or to get an answer to something I can't figure out.

People keep me asking all the time how did I get here in Sweden, how long ago, what do I do here, etc - here you go: 

I arrived here 4 years ago (to be exact, on Lucia's Day 2005), from England where I met the guy I married there. Me from Hungary, he from Sweden, got to know each other near to London, in the house of a girlfriend of mine (an opera singer from my home town in Northern Hungary) and her husband (a Spanish concert pianist).

He took me here to Stockholm, for this is where he had his family, knew his way around, the whole system etc, moving to Sweden together looked the most sound way to build up our life.

Trying to make it short: we divorced a few months ago... He is a wonderful, extremely intelligent man, a great husband etcetera, but we just couldn't make our two very different lives get working together.  A Swede, doing his day-to-day job and in the evenings sitting on the sofa, surfing on the net and playing computer games, for hours and hours, with no hobbies, no passions or real purposes to pursue, very seldom communicating with others, not going out and do any fun things or meeting friends - and a Hungarian who's life is all about passion, drive, creativity, communication, meeting people, finding new friends, discovering things, sharing experiences, diving into the cultural happenings, actively participating in creating events, performing, singing, dancing and so on. Easy to see that it just couldn't work out.

And now I am in Stockholm, for my Hungarian son has chosen to do his high school here and of course Mommy has her duties to fulfill. (Okay, he is big enough now and basically I am free to go wherever I want to)

That's why the title.

In the past more than 10 years, I have been living in 4 other countries which are all have the reputation as being stiff, cold and rigid (Austria, Germany, Switzerland and England), but I have never felt so low, lonely and homesick for my little, crazy and poor country than being here in big, envied, rich Sweden...

For 4 years now, I have been honestly trying to make Stockholm my home, first for the sake of my husband, now for my son who likes it here, and there are many things I absolutely love here, admire the beauty of the place, amazed by how well certain things work etc - and struggling extremely hard to find my way in this mentality and atmosphere that I just can't grasp...

Stuck in Stockholm - is it good or bad? I yet shall see...

Strömmen by night 2 - Opera

Stockholm Opera, 10 days ago or so

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