Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Been hit by creativity... I have written a couple of poems in the past 12 years, but for some mysterious reason, only in English, none of them in my mother tongue...

And now my very first Hungarian poem was just born! Which is again, a bit mysterious, because in the past decade, I spent more time abroad than in my homeland, I haven't been there now for more than 9 months... Here it is for those of you who understand this strange little language and want to read it.

Tried to translate it into English, but I find it rather difficult: not only technically, having to find the right words in a foreign language, but more importantly, I feel it would lose something from its mood, the spontaneous atmosphere, the feeling I had right then and right there. For me, it is completed, I said what I wanted to say with it - now let's see the next one :-)

Which is already forming, in English again... Back to you soon :-)

Two roses at dusk, by Andrea Gerak

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