Wednesday, April 26, 2006


So many things happened in those 7 days in Hungary that I just can't convince myself to sit down and write about everything. I just decided now to start anyway, and add one paragraph or two, randomly, as they come into my mind...

The Biggest Thing was to meet my son who lives in Budapest with his dad. I was on the road from 7am, a bit exhausted at 4pm when I saw him, but guess what he gave to me: a bunch of violets, picked by himself!!! A Really Coool Boy, a heavy metal fan teenager... He's carried them in his hands, so they got a bit sad. Unfortunate little creatures, they became only worse when I carried them in my hands, 3 more hours in the big city, through McDonalds, shopping, trams, subway, with my big bag and all, then 3,5 more hours on the train to
my home town... Yet, they kept their wonderful smell and stayed alive until I could put them in the nicest cristal glas bowl where they had enough space to swim and absorbe plenty of water.

Four days later I went back to my parents house again, the violets were still waiting for me, with the sweetest odor...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Going to Hungary!!

I am so happy to go to Hungary tomorrow, for a whole week!!!I have been to quite a few places but Budapest is still my Number One city.

Just to hang around with my husband and son, see my parents & brother, meet a few friends (also some from MySpace that I haven't met before), do some shopping - first of all CDs with EXCELLENT Hungarian music.

On my website, there is a few links to good places if you want to have a really good time and get some taste of how Hungarians party.

Have a good time!