Survival Guide

Shortly put: survival tips that I have experienced to be workable on various topics such as health, music, relationships, society issues and others.
Andrea's Survival Guide

If you wanna read more about it:

As you can see on this pictures that was taken end of April 2009, I am forever young ;-) but lived so much in these couple of decades that it would be probably enough for 2 more lives...

When one goes through many imaginable ups and downs, utterly unhappy and lonely sometimes, struggling to get a few coins to be able to feed her kid, travels a lot, sees places, hears life stories, reads books, makes mistakes, continuously searches for solutions, and still manages it to go her way against all odds, one learns a lot from all this, above all.

Now when I've got to a point where I am a happy woman, proud mother, a successful artist, a person with many friends from all over the world, healthier (and may I say: more beautiful :-) than ever, and things are going better every day, I decided to have the luxury of sharing with you some good, usable knowledge of several areas of life that I collected along the roads.

In fact, I would feel pretty bad about not to pass on to others what I know myself from personal experience that do work.

It's not that everything is hunky-dory in my life and I don't have hard moments to get through - it's all about making it go right, whatever happens.

So here you can read about random subjects, such as beauty, health, personal relationships, how to be an artist, causes worth to support, books or quotes that inspired me and whatever comes my way I find it might be helpful for you. My main motivation is to share my knowledge with you, things that I have tried out and experienced myself in order to change conditions around me for the better and can recommend honestly to others. If I helped you with only one piece of datum, my intention was not in vain.

My friends are telling me that I should ask for money more often when I give something, so it is alright if you want to drop me a few bucks as an exchange for the information that helped you, I'll appreciate that.

You can always visit my shop as well, and get yourself some nice music and photography pieces.

And what else would be the best quote to open this Survival Guide To Life from an artist than this:

"Living itself can be an art" - L. Ron Hubbard