Sunday, May 07, 2006

Diamonds in my hair

It was my son's very last day in the kindergarten, on a hot summer afternoon in Budapest. I saw a make-up artist for a test, wanted her to teach me a make-up for the stage, which would look natural but my features can be seen well.

OK, she said, it's 15 minutes, you don't need much foundation, so I just put a little bit here, and so on, and so on. At the end, I looked into the mirror from a decent distance -- Geeee, beauuuutiful! Well shaped, strawberry red, glossy lips, huge eyes with XXXL lashes, etc, better than a Hollywood star!!! But from 40 cm-s... Oh, my God! My skin looked thick like a wall, and the rest... Brrrr!
And I was in a hurry, had to pick up my son. So, imagine this picture: a girl in casual jeans but with such a rich "painting" on her face as of a scarlet woman, in 30°Celsius, running along the Grand Boulevard, then jamming in the subway, when the traffic is at its peak. Fortunately, I could pull my baseball cap deeeep into my face

When I arrived to the kindergarten, my son Shanko would just stand there, staring at me and thinking. I tried to cheer, standing far enough from him, so that I don't scare him away with my mask:
-- Hi, honey, do you recognize your mother?
-- Ehem...
-- And what do you think, am I nice?
He would just stand there, staring at me with his huge brown eyes, sucking his finger, thinking, thinking, thinking... Then he finally came up with the conclusion:
-- No.
-- ????
-- You know, Mom, you should wear a long, nice skirt, like the princesses, have long hair, and put some diamonds in your hair. Then you'll be nice.

(written to my son, when he was 6)

You say I'm not nice enough,
You say I'm not a princess yet,
You say: "Get some diamonds
And put them in your hair --
Then you'll be nice."

Do you wanna see me to be a princess?
Do you wanna see me to be nice?
Do you wanna see diamonds in my hair?

Give me your diamonds
And let them shine on you.

You say you're not strong enough,
You say you're not big enough,
You say you don't have anything,
What could you do for me?My little son.

Give me your diamonds
And let them shine on you.

I say you're strong enough,
I say you're big enough,
I say you have everything
'Cause you have your diamonds in your eyes.

Give me your diamonds
And let them shine on you.
Andrea Gerak, 1999