Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's Not Too Late

I was very excited about our high school reunion at the end of this month - it's been since ages that I haven't seen my class mates. An hour ago, I heard that one of them has passed away. She was the one I liked most.

Yet another friend in Switzerland a couple of months ago, who was always smiling, laughing, happy in life, dropping honey even on the most bitter hearts. Another girl of my age in Budapest who also used to be a dancer and who left two teen daughters behind. Four other musician friends also play the violin somewhere in the sky, since not a very long time. Three of them were not-so-old Hungarian Gypsies from Transylvania, played for my first wedding, years back. The forth one was a boy in Budapest who sometimes was accompanying our dance group for the rehearsals and performances.

These couple of words are written to them.


You've gone away -
When will I see you?
Where will I find you?
Now that you are far away.
Tell me that it's not too late.

I might have hurt you,
I might have not taken good care of you,
I might have not given you
Everything I've meant to.
But tell me that it's not too late.

I remember when we talked,
I remember when we laughed,
I remember when we sang,
As two very good friends.
Tell me that it's not too late.

I was on my way,
You were on your way,
Sometimes worlds apart
But always in my heart.
Tell me that it's not too late.

When you'll come back
I will be the happiest
To embrace you on my chest
'Cause you are the best.
And I know it's not too late.

- Andrea Gerak

Update (6 Jan 2009): I found a video with a few of the musicians I mentioned here:

You are all still with us...

Friday, October 06, 2006

Cold Winds Are Blowing

My current profile song on MySpace is from the MUZSIKAS which is one of Hungary's bands that are known all around the world.

From my age of 10, their music was daily food for me: I would listen to it, learn songs from their records, sing them together with my friends, often we would put on a bakelit and dance to Muzsikas, and the best was to listen to them at a concert and go to their clubs where they would play for hours and hours for those who wanted to dance.

Check out their profile and listen to them!

This song is called "Cold Winds Are Blowing" and it talks about winds, birds and freedom.

Today, 6th of October is a memorial day for Hungary: remembering those Generals who were executed on this day in 1849, after losing the revolution against the Habsburgs.

At this moment, I am listening to the live broadcasting from the session of the Hungarian Parliament where the members will vote about the Prime Minister and the Government. The main question is not about the PM's person or of the other Ministers - it's about the democratic future of Hungary.

Big moments.

I hope they will be sane enough to make the right decision and 6th of October will be a great day to remember in the country's history.

Well, I started with a song and just rambled a little bit with my thoughts...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My private MySpace profile

I just upgraded my private profile on MySpace, which shows a little bit more of who's the person behind the singer called Andrea Gerak, so that I can keep the other one rather separately as my artist profile

Have a look and if you like it, join me :-)