Friday, January 05, 2007

My New Years Eve

It's really time now for some serious partying!

I think since my age of 11, I always had a great party at New Years Eve. In my dancer years, after the trainings or performances, we would anyway have some ball, very often, or go out to a táncház. Just imagine: listening to Muzsikás, Téka, Méta, Béla Halmos & Kalamajka, Ökrös and other excellent folk musicians playing for long hours for you, jamming, and you dance and sing together with all the other people, often till early in the morning - oh, gosh! One of the greatest experiences one can have. And that was the normal thing to do, in those circles.
Something like this one:

And at New Years Eve (in Hungary you call it Sylvester, after that name's day and you call the first of January "New Year", 'cause that's the actual new year, on the last night of the year you say goodbye to the old year, doesn't it make sense?) you start the night anywhere between 7 and 10, warm up with a concert or other performance, but you don't hesitate a lot, the party begins and there you go: sing, dance, and chat with your friends while the band plays in the background.

By Midnight, you've already had a decent lenght of good time behind you.

At 12, you have all the champagne stuff, going around with your glass in the hand and wish happy new year to everybody in the house, etc. At most of the places - maybe today it's not so general any more - they sing the Himnusz and then they toast.

After that, it really begins to kick off. In other countries I have been to (Austria, Switzerland and now in Sweden) they end off the whole thing shortly after Midnight, at 1 or 2 o'clock. How disappointing is that?

Now, for example, me and my husband went out for a dinner, with a company of 50 people or so. I only knew a few people, so it was a great occasion for me to get closer with them a bit. We had a great time talking about all kind of stuff: plans for the future, co-operations, music, photography, family, food, travels and everything. Absolutely nice folks! You can even see two of them in my Top Friends on MySpace: Eva Ekwall and Mimmi Siegel, who came with their gentlemen, of course.

Yeah, and the food. I hardly ate anything that day - that's what a girl does when she goes out for an exclusive dinner and she puts on her nice dress. Well, next time I'd better be prepared about the menu...

It was real gourmet thing, wonderful! As a starter, duck lever mousse on toast, then cod with flavoured mashed potatoes and some green, round beans. Then came the main dish, but it was also as small as a starter: a piece of elk (like a kid's fist) in a delicious sauce, with a few pieces of pumpkins and fresh thymian. It was well designed, but I can't find the picture at the moment.

The desert was also awesome:

Forest berries in parfe and some creamy thing, even there was a taste of it in the specially made, very rich chocolate. The little orange ball is a physalis, this I thought it was some Nordic fruit, for I haven't seen it anywhere else so far, only as decoration - now I just learned that this fruity version grows in warm and subtropical areas. The flowers you could eat, I did so with the yellow one. The other one I put in my hair. Looked like a Spanish lady: slick updo, big earrings, red lipstick, red scarf...

At one o'clock, just as my hubby predicted it, people started to put on their coats and say good night. So that was it.

With Eva and her husband, we wanted to continue with a nice tea - well, after just sitting for a good couple of hours, we got tired... But the place they wanted to go with us was shut at New Year's Eve, isn't that crazy?

I suggested my husband that we would just drive around town a bit, so that I can see how is it here in Stockholm, but there was nothing to see: almost empty streets, a few people going home.

So we popped in to his brothers and his girlfriend's house, another bro was also there. Johnny Cash, a lot of laugh (they were through a couple of drinks), talks about family matters, jokes. I was very happy about the cake, even if it was too sugary, bacause I was still hungry after the dinner... A little Port wine to it - nice.

Yes, we did make it: went home at 5. But for the next 2 days I felt sooo homesick! I knew about at least 2 huge parties in Budapest with my friends, and I read in the news about all the open air concerts and street balls in Budapest - oh, dear! Yeah, and it's very common that on the 1st of January, you head for yet another New Year's party.

So we decided that this year, if something special won't turn up, we will go to Hungary for New Year. Maybe we should take a few Swedish friends with us, so that they can get a bit educated in how to celebrate for real. :-)