Monday, April 16, 2007

April Summer in Stockholm

The weekend was really gorgeous: the temperature climbed up to around 30 degrees in sunny places. Finally, no more wintercoat! Well, after freezing through Easter it's time to warm up, big time.

So yesterday we decided to have a little picnic by the sea. Here's where we went, with pictures

Friday, April 13, 2007

Stephen Colbert's Apology to Hungarians

Comedian Stephen Colbert, after making not so nice remarks about Hungarians in his show a couple of days ago, says sorry.

András Simonyi, Hungarian Ambassador in US shows on his guitar what is rock'n'roll, yeah!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Operation Bite: Attack against Iran on Good Friday - was a hoax?

Are you still getting emails and messages, bulletins about Operation Bite, are you still reading it on the net? Time to direct your attention on some more interesting subjects.

Operation Bite - this is how a sneak attack by the USA against Iran, planned for tomorrow, Good Friday, around 4am is called.

Scary news circulating on the net: World War 3 is coming!

In the Middle East, I have friends and fans in probably every area, so whatever happens there, I stand on the side of NO WAR. Decent people living there don't want that and don't deserve that anyway.

War, especially if it can escalate into a World wide, nuclear mess is a serious matter. So what is this whole fuzz about?

There are a few tiny little details in this story that just don't freaking add up:

1. I read an article of a Hungarian news site, which is considered pretty fair. They quote the Russian tabloid Komszomolszkaja Pravda as source. The KP claims that they have gotten this news from American and West-European tv-channels - withouth naming only even one.

2. Anyway, why does the mainstream media not write about this sensation? Let's take CNN or Reuters, they don't even mention Operation Bite. Do a search on Google and you will find that it's blogs, lesser known portals and forums where you will se anything about it. Right now it's not even 20 hours left until 4am tomorrow morning, you should be hearing and reading EVERYWHERE about that the World War 3 is here! Wouldn't make it sense for all the media to be busy with a subject that would attract record number of visitors? Instead, in the headlines today, I can see something about the Microsoft Outlook 2007, "Pet food deaths could rise sharply" (CNN), about mobile phones, the net and Victorinox (Komszomolszkaja Pravda), "Indonesia Playboy editor cleared" (BBC)... :-D And they all cheer about the Iran decision of letting the British soldiers home.

3. The earliest mention of this Operation Bite in English language one can find on March 25 and independent news site in Portland, USA. The articles after this date quote only this one as source, which was published from the same author on a few other places as well.

From around 1st of April(don't you know this date from somewhere? :-)) an avalanche started and there one can see a lot of blog and forum posts, and articles still only on less significant sites. We trace it back and the one and only source turns out to be a retired Russian general. (see again question #1...)

4. The statements of this Russian military expert appear on the net first already on March 19(!) on the Russian RIA Novosti news site. Well, it's true: it's only in French and German. Interestingly enough, they still didn't manage to translate it into English, since then...

5. Sneak attack... Yeah, sure. The American government would allow details of a surprise attack circulating on the web, almost 3 weeks before the planned time... C'mon, waky, waky!

Operation Bite.

You'd better have a big bite of the Easter ham, lamb and cakes, or whatever you eat for this occasion.

So have a peaceful, loveful Easter time everybody!