Thursday, May 10, 2007

Life without internet

How can that be? Can you imagine it?

In the last couple of days I am having problems with the internet connection, it's on for maybe half an hour or just 10 minutes, then it's off. The provider is working on fixing it (well they could be a bit faster...)

I tell you it's quite some experience, living life without the web...

Not being able to Skype my son and talk with him about everything, sometimes for hours, can't answer messages, emails, no blogging, no networking, no any business, no anything. Can't even check the weather or the programs in the city! What is even worse than that, I found a very exciting beauty product line, but I can't check where do they sell it :-((

I would only move to The Inhabited Island Of My Dreams if I can get internet there :P

Okay, let's look at the positive side of it: I did two test recordings - indeed, this is the first time when I figured out some completely new melodies that I haven't learned anywhere, so this is something! It's thrilling, two different music, very challenging. You will hear more about it when the times comes.

I created yet another little video to one of my older songs, sorted out hundreds of photos on the computer, did some extra gymnastics :-))) extra cleaning and of course, had some nice walk, movie and such with my hubby.

Actually, isn't it great to have a break every now and then?

I wonder how much are you hooked on the net. For how long could you be without it?

I might only be able to read your answers on Sunday, earliest. Going on a family trip to Finland in the real world and not virtual...

Have a great week+end everybody, on or offline!