Thursday, December 31, 2009

(for a marriage)

Probably the nicest surprise of the year was to hear that two of my beautiful Facebook friends got married yesterday, so I am sending them this poem I wrote a few years ago, for another friend... and if you, dear Reader know about somebody around you getting married, feel free to greet them with these words:

(for a marriage)

The beat of my heart,
hope of my thought,
sound of my sigh,
spark of my eye,
all is yours, from now on.

Or, if I have headache,
if I make a mistake,
almost feel I can't,
and my duty is hard,
it's also yours, from now on.

But the stroke of my hand,
calm of my strength,
dream of my goal,
love of my soul,
all is yours, from now on.

- Andrea Gerak

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(for a marriage) by Andrea Gerak is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Hungary License.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My birthday wish

So Christmas is over, New Year is here AND my birthday is coming, hurray!!

I was thinking about what would I like as a present, of course besides that I would love an aluminium MacBook Pro to replace my very old laptop which might die at any second, and a Caribbean cruise... And sure I have some other wishes, but this is what I can make public:

Did a little math and saw that it's a couple of more days till The Date (Jan 15, if you want to mark it in your calendar :-) And exactly as many days left as the number of tracks of my new album.

I figured: let's post one song a day, with as much info as I can, with lyrics, where are the songs from, etc; probably won't be able to make videos to them, though.

First was the last song of the album, Beli Buba, Beli yesterday, and today A pünkösdi rózsa (The Peony), I will post them in a random sequence, totally up to my caprice.

And let's see how many songs and albums will be downloaded, CDs sold in this period - I am really curious how people like this stuff and how many of my friends, fans and listeners will play with me this.

If you like the tunes, you can get them in various forms: MP3, AAC, FLIC, FLAC, FLUC and you name it, the full album download goes with some goodies, like concert videos, and you pay as musch as you want, the CD you get autographed - can it be a better deal?

And you help me to keep on singing, which is the possibly greatest gift I can get from you, and for which I will be very grateful.

So watch the updates in my places: website, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Feed, etc.

And enjoy the songs :-)
-- Andrea

ps: and have an awesome New Year's party!!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lonely Christmas, Lovely

Came home shortly from the city, pretty tired after a big photo walk, put things quickly in order (we left in a hurry, my son had to catch his flight to Budapest), lit a bunch of candles, put on a ring I haven't had for a good while and painted my nails bright red, just to feel more appropriate for the day, and drank up almost the half big bottle of Julmust (that's a Swedish Christmas special soda, somewhat similar to coke) - so this is Christmas...

My Christmas, on my own, after a long while.

I know many people feel sad this time of the year when they don't have anybody to share it with, or when these dates are connected to some very unpleasant memory, like losing someone dear - I could tell a couple of stories when I have seen people crying on the holy days... I heard yesterday but didn't check the correctness of the information, that in Stockholm alone 94 000 (ninety-four thousand!) men "celebrates" lonely, having no any family members and I don't remember the number of women.

Although I am in fact alone, I don't feel lonely for even a second. Called my parents and my godmother, was invited to two or three places with friends, met a few of them and I have sooooo many more friends to think of...

When I am so much connected with lots of people all year round, online and offline, sometimes it is even nice to have my own time, and this Christmas Eve is such a rare occasion. 

As I didn't even have time to send out a lot of season greetings yet and a newsletter is really due, not to mention uploading all the songs of my new album This Way, Sweetheart! to my sites with all the info, lyrics and etcetera (everything double: in English AND in Hungarian), I was thinking to write some nice thoughts here.

Two things popped into my mind: one is the gratitude I feel for all those people who are around me and support me in any ways, I can't list all the forms of support: practical things when I need help with something (and these last couple of months have been really probing for me), a smile, an encouraging comment, a following on Twitter etc, being my friend on my countless networks, and so on, and so on, these all count and make me stronger, so that I can give them and to others even more beautiful songs, pictures and other creations.

So please know that if you are in any of these ways connected to me, you were and are contributing at least a tiny little bit to my singing and all other artistic manifestations. And I am very thankful for that, and at these moments I am sending very nice vibes to all my friends, fans, listeners, readers, followers, fellow artists, business contacts and you name it, tons of love to you!!!

I stop here for a moment and think after it: even those very few people in the world I know about that they are my enemies, are helping me to move forward, they do. For they give me a chance to look and see how have I caused that they became enemies from friends and if I have to correct something, I am willing to do that. Which makes me a better and stronger person, hopefully, so thank you boys and girls! :-)

Also, the reasons why I liked them in the first place (which only grew as I knew more about them, obviously, because more communication and more common realities inevitably bring about more affinity between people), the reasons are still there: I still admire certain attributes, abilities or works of them. Although as not being friends any more, we don't do anything together, but that (and whatever they have done to me) doesn't give me a reason to "un-love" them.

And if I flow love and admiration even toward those people I shouldn't bother about, I reckon their attitude towards me can't harm me. And it just feels good; the more love one feels towards others, the better one is doing, isn't it so? Thank you again, for giving me a reason to feel more love.

I think this is how my personal Christmas rambling should conclude:  
May The Power Of Love Be With You 

Love-ly Christmas everyone!

- Andrea

ps. in the meantime, had a nice piece of chocolate and a Chai tea, maybe not typical for this day, but was it  delicious! :-))


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