Friday, January 15, 2010

Restless people

I guess I need to go and buy a hyper-waterproof mascara - after reading all the birthday wishes, greetings, cards, this seems to be a proper thing to do, to be prepared for tomorrow's Hungarian folk music and dance party with Barozda, where the violin and the other strings touch right the very bottom of one's heart...  (If you are around Stockholm, here is the info and I'll be more than happy to see you there!)

This is what I had: Budapest pastry/cake - a Swedish yummyness 

So today is the day when I became - as a dear friend put it - one more year, more beautiful :-))

And indeed, I feel so: one more year more active, creative, happy, free... Now when I am over 40, I can see much more opportunities, goals and purposes in life and ways to achieve them, I have much more creative ideas, than when I was, say, 20. Free to create my life the way I want it, free to plan and do things that I want to do and not somebody else says I should. (Of course I have difficulties and problems, but they are simply there so that I have something to overcome :-) 

Isn't that strange? That's not the way it is supposed to be, because "everybody knows" that the older one gets, the more the bright dreams of young years fade into a distant, intangible fog, the more one's ability to learn new things decrease, the more one is supposed to sink into a comfortable, safe, decent, established, no-more-risk and no-more-adventure life, where one sees the things he once wanted to do, more and more as a nostalgic picture to sigh about...

The most sure way to kill a person is to make nothing out of his hopes, dreams and purposes. The father telling his kid that he needs to get a normal job, instead of encouraging him to make music or paint which he loves so much and he has a great talent for it, is destroying the life of his own offspring. The teacher who tells the student that it's alright Julie darling, you don't need to sing with the others, with such a voice, or okay Willie, with such a body structure, you can never make it into the local hockey team, but it's alright, not everybody can be a sporstman, is killing the child he is supposed to guide on his way.

These people are either not your friends and have bad intentions, either they really mean good to you, but simply don't know any better.

Short time ago, I went to the governmental artist agency here in Sweden, they are supposed to help artists to find jobs. Having performed 30 years on stages of  Europe, with a thick press book with me, I was not qualified as an artist, because I haven't got the papers of formal music education... You won't believe what the lady said to me: that I should find a job in a theater, behind the stage, like a dresser or something, because then I could be closer to my dreams...  

Closer to my dreams... oh yeah... And what about your dreams, Mam??? Maybe I should have asked her...

There are some restless people who just can't sit on their butts, but more or less constantly strive and go after their dreams: artists of all kind who form the shape of the future for Mankind with their visions, inventors, researchers and businessmen who are driven by finding efficient solutions and delivering better and more products, those who are keen to learn and share their knowledge with others, those who are on the quest of making this world better for themselves, their families, friends and everybody else in the human race, in their homes, at their work places, hobby groups or volunteer organizations, those who are thinking in constructive ideas and resolutions that are the best for all concerned, those who make their ways toward an eternal, total spiritual freedom and help others, too - these people will not spend hours a day in front of the tv, they will not give up easily when told: "No, you can't do that!", "You are not supposed to do that", "You are too (old, young, ...... insert word here) for that", "I will tell you, because I am the expert", "You better do what we say, or else"...

These restless folks just won't listen, they keep going their way.

If you recognize yourself as one of these, we are closely or remotely related with each other in some way, even if we have never met. Thank you for being around and for what you do, keep on going, and now on my birthday, I wish to spend my greatest year with you!

Love, Andrea

ps: I already had a birthday wish and I am a little bit behind with posting the songs, sorry for that! Thank you though for those who are playing it with me, and I am glad that you like the songs!

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's Not Too Late - again

Life has its happenings, good and bad, happy news, sad news. Whereas two of my Facebook friends got married on the birthday of a third one, next day a dear MySpace friend's daughter passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, on New Year's Eve.

I can imagine that the deepest sadness can be losing one's child - I remember my Grandma and the New Year's Eve I spent with her, right after the funeral of one of his beloved sons...

And I have seen the birth certificate of my big sister, her name was Dead-Born Gerák...

I am not in the age yet when my friends should leave this world, but some of them already did, and I wrote these words to them (in 2006, published here)


You've gone away -
When will I see you?
Where will I find you?
Now that you are far away.
Tell me that it's not too late.

I might have hurt you,
I might have not taken good care of you,
I might have not given you
Everything I've meant to.
But tell me that it's not too late.

I remember when we talked,
I remember when we laughed,
I remember when we sang,
As two very good friends.
Tell me that it's not too late.

I was on my way,
You were on your way,
Sometimes worlds apart
But always in my heart.
Tell me that it's not too late.

When you'll come back
I will be the happiest
To embrace you on my chest
'Cause you are the best.
And I know it's not too late.

Many people believe that when a person passes away, only the body dies but the spirit lives on (and many people know this as actual fact, proven by various phenomena which are real, tangible), as it is expressed very nicely in the Rorogwela song, a famous lullaby form the Solomon Islands, in which an orphan girl sings to her little brother about their parents:

"From the island of the dead,
Their spirit will continue to look after us"

Listen to song

If we can accept that our loved one who has died, only left the body but the spirit, the person continues on living, in some other way, our heart will be easier. 

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It's Not Too Late by Andrea Gerak is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Hungary License

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A lil' math

I got quite some responses to my new year's greeting, (like for example a lady whom I have met only once, 6 years ago, phoning me from Germany and offering her place to stay, if I am ever around that area...), and a few people (amongst my friend a professor of the Hungarian Academy of Science) suggested a little correction: that the new decade does not start with 2010 but with 2011.

Yes my friends, you are completely right! That's what I knew too, and I was a bit confused about seeing all the big fuzz in the media and advertisements, tv etc programs, summarizing the old decade and welcoming the new one, so just to be sure, I asked an expert: my son has high level mathemathics at a very good school, studying it in English, and doing alright (I think I can brag a bit :-))

And he sad: Mom, it's really simple: of course a new decade starts with year xxx1, but there is a common agreement about starting it now, because of the round number. Just think of it: it would have sounded weird to name year 2001 The Big Year, instead of 2000...

Yeah that's true: Y2K sounds cool, but how would it be with Y2K&1? Sounds strange, doesn't it?

And this is my guess: it is much easier to market top lists, top stories etc in the media and merchandise in shops with round figures than with more complicated ones, like 1981 or 2031, etc. Yep, money talks. 

So right, we did NOT start the new decade yet, just as a child does not begin the second decade of his life when he just filled 9...

Sorry, if I made anyone more confused about this, hope it's clear now...

And probably this was the only case when I ever followed the mainstream media :-))

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