Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just a little lullaby

I have not done too much promotion for my new album This Way, Sweetheart! yet and interesting things are happening.

A few days ago I met a guy shortly, a real huge Viking, all in black leather and stuff, a true heavy metal fan. I sang just one song to him as his friends - actually, I was not even finished with the first verse when he reached for his valet and bought my CD...

This was the second time that strangers I met and who heard about my songs for the very first time in their entire life, heard this one particular song only and bought a whole album.

Talking about this one: Beli Buba, Beli - maybe you will like it, too :-)

Just a little lullaby, in a strange language that is understood by only 15 million people in the whole world...

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Monday, February 15, 2010

My funny Valentine

Red and pink hearts, flowers and gift boxes&bags, chocolates, cards and love songs everywhere - Valentine's.
I hope all of you who celebrate it, had a wonderful time!

That (the decoration and gifts part) was the "head in the clouds" side of it, beauty, creation, romance and all, so let's take a look at the "feet on the ground" side of love and relationships as well - at the end of the day, one will find that without a solid foundation, cards, flowers and chocolates are very nice, but will not do all the trick needed to a happy relationship...

I started to put down a couple of thoughts about the subject, that might help others, with actual examples from my own life or stories I have seen around me: 

How not to choose the right partner? Mistake #1 and
How not to choose the right partner? Mistake #2

This is a very dry, rough and tough Valentine's Day posting from an artist who is supposed to spread all the beauty and light, isn't it?

You are right, so let's put our heads back in the clouds and get some aesthetics!

My latest album is full of love songs (14, out of 17 tracks), happy ones, sad ones - what you just wish:

And for something completely different: Chet Baker live


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